3 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, there are several smaller celebrations that surround the main event. The bridal shower is just one of them, and we have a few ideas based on the ones we’ve designed.

Honestly? It’s not the easiest of tasks to come up with a killer theme when you’re hosting a bridal shower. Sure, your friends and family could just throw a party that has the booze everyone likes and plenty of finger foods to go around. Still, it’s WAY more fun to plan a bridal shower that you and your girls can’t wait to attend because the theme is that. freaking. good. Out of inspiration? Here are 3 unique bridal shower ideas that will have you pulling up Pinterest to build a mood board faster than you can say wedding invite. Let’s do this!


Rom-Com Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re a When Harry Met Sally fan, you’re going to love this rom-com-inspired bridal shower idea! Set the scene with an old-timey movie projector to play your favorite movie, interspersequotes from the rom-coms you can’t stop watching with your besties, and top your champagne with cotton candy to really get into the vibe.

Think a movie-inspired bridal shower is too cheesy to be upscale? At our client Ashley Iaconetti’s bridal shower, elegant details like the candles and florals at the dinner table, where guests enjoyed a multi-course meal, made the celebration elevated and luxe. Seriously, if you’re a fan of movies, this one’s the way to go. Not only do rom-coms have wide appeal, but you can also personalize the event to match your favorite love stories so the event is completely focused on who you are as a bride and friend.

Photography: Jenny Quicksall Photography


Heritage-Inspired Bridal Shower

Rom-coms not your thing? I hear you. Another bridal shower idea is to look towards your heritage and let it be an inspiration for your event. Not only do you get to celebrate a unique part of your identity and share that with your closest family and friends, but you also come away with an event that feels fresh and inspired because it won’t just look like everyone else’s.

For a recent client, we planned an Italian-themed shower centered around the flowers, florals, and foods that define Italian culture. The result? A beautifully planned event personalized by vibrant pops of lemon yellow and dark blue anchored by lovely neutrals designed to welcome guests into an immersive experience.

Photography: Mariel Hannah


Location-Inspired Bridal Shower

Are you planning a destination wedding or simply live in a gorgeous location? This bridal shower idea may be the best of them all. Theme your event around the location where your wedding is taking place and bring that feel of your wedding into your bridal shower. If you’re getting married at a winery, you can allow the details of that location, from the vines to the vinos to inspire your decor (and drinks, of course).

If you’re like my client who is soon to be married at Montage Laguna Beach, a coastal-inspired shower could be the way to go. For this event, we wanted to evoke the feel of the beach without actually making the shower a beach theme. Through refined, shell-toned and sandy neutrals paired with lively florals and sublimated accents, the bridal shower was everything the bride had hoped!

Photography: Jeanette Ennis Photography


All celebrations that make up your wedding experience are meaningful moments that are worth the extra effort. Hopefully these bridal shower ideas help you plan an incredible event!

For more inspiration, check out our portfolio for images from our favorite recent client weddings and events!


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