Why an Outdoor Wedding Backup Plan is a Must

When you think about your ideal wedding day, what comes to mind? Beautiful wedding day details, surrounded by love with perfect and beautiful weather. We think of all of these things too, but there’s something else that we always consider, particularly when we’re working with our clients to plan outdoor weddings – backup plans!

No, they might not sound as glamorous as wedding stationery or wedding cakes, but backup plans allow your event to happen without a hitch, even if the weather sways away from “perfect”. Below, we’re sharing our top three tips for backup plans, from the importance of tents to ways to intervene when temperatures are less than ideal. Let’s dive in!


Always Add a Tent

Although it may be tempting to trust the always sunny weather and dine and dance the night away al fresco, I always suggest that my couples think twice. Tents protect against any weather that may arise, whether the celebration occurs in the backyard of a private estate or on the manicured lawn of a country club. Plus, a tent allows your space to turn into a proper venue by defining a large space. The sight of draping, lights, and flowers inside of a tent is always romantic and welcoming!

Photography: Mariel Hannah


Love the Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Before you sign a contract with your wedding venue, always consider whether you like the outdoor and indoor spaces. Everyone on your team will go into your event, hoping that your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception can occur outside if that’s what you’re envisioning. However, rain, snow, and even a rapid increase or decrease in temperature can cause an event’s location to change from an outside garden to an indoor ballroom. So, make sure you love the indoor spaces, whether it’s an enclosed patio or an interior ballroom. Also, don’t shy away from inquiring about how the venue transforms the space if it’s being used for multiple purposes and where you and your guests will be during that time.

Photography: Mariel Hannah


Consider the Temperature

As we mentioned above, the temperature is also a consideration when deciding to add a backup plan. Many couples look to the spring, summer, and fall as ideal seasons to host an outdoor wedding. But, all three can have days when the temperatures call for an intervention. For weddings hosted during the spring and fall, you may want to think about adding heaters to your tent. During the summer, additional fans will be welcomed by your guests. Keep in mind; you’re likely planning your wedding in a different season than when it will occur. So, what feels comfortable now may not feel comfortable in a few months. Now is the time to plan ahead!

Photography: Rachel Jane

DTE Tip:

Let’s talk about clear top tents! While they look gorgeous, they are not the best option, particularly when it’s warm. Have you ever been inside of a greenhouse or a car during a hot day in the summer? That’s exactly what they feel like inside! Stick to clear top tents for cooler months when they are both beautiful AND comfortable.

Are you hosting your wedding outside? What backup plans do you have in mind? Comment below, or send us a note to see how we might be able to decide on a backup plan together.


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