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May 11, 2018

Destination Weddings Aren’t Just for Celebrities!


So many people leave the idea of a destination wedding in their dreams. I have heard so many brides write destination weddings off as something that is unrealistic, unattainable and too stress-inducing! But what if I told you that planning a destination wedding was actually less stressful than planning a wedding at home?


A bride and groom’s wedding guest list is probably one of the most stressful stages of the wedding planning process. But a destination wedding can often imply that your guest list will be a little more curated, consisting of immediate family and close family friends. This frees you of the obligatory invitation, the “Well I have to invite her because I am inviting them” scenario!

Because your guest list is smaller, you will actually find that it is possible to save money by planning a luxurious wedding weekend abroad with a few loved ones rather than paying for 200 guests to attend your reception in a nice location.

Because destination weddings are a growing trend, resorts are equipped to offer the complete wedding package, offering complimentary services with their own wedding consultants to help with the ceremony essentials. Finding a wedding planner at home to communicate your vision to the resort’s team makes your wedding even more hands-off and stress free for you!

Destination weddings have always been popular among celebrities, but you do not have to be famous to have a wedding that is abroad and glamorous! Here are a few celebrity destination weddings to inspire you to turn those dreams into a reality!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen celebrated their love the Italian-way in Lake Como, Italy!


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Kate Upton and Justin Verlander said “I do” under the Tuscan sun. If you haven’t gotten the hint by now, I love Italy. What place is more romantic than where Juliet cried, “Where for art thou, Romeo?!” Both Kate and Justin shared their first vacation together in Italy and that’s exactly what they wanted to treat their wedding guests to: an Italian vacation. They were even able to arrange for all of their guests to stay on the same property. How celebratory is that?!


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A destination wedding doesn’t always mean an international wedding. Michael Jordan and his wife, Yvette Prieto said I do in Palm Beach, Fl. — a vacation destination!


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Another local destination? San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson extended their wedding day to wedding days over a four day morning-to-night wedding bash at this stunning location.


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I will say, destination weddings are a leap of faith which is why finding a wedding planner who does whatever it takes to understand your vision to the smallest detail will complete your fairy-tale!




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