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May 2, 2018

Telling Your Love Story Through Your Wedding Details


In a sense, a wedding is a bride’s brand. It’s a reflection of the brides personality, her style, and her heart. Each detail plays a part in telling her brand. If you let it, each detail can play a part in narrating the bride and groom’s love story.

Think about it! We so often focus on the wedding as one day. But truthfully, the wedding day is just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, that’s all we share with our guests! Why not pay homage to the days that got you there in the first place? Engage your guests. Half of them only know you, and half of them only know your husband-to-be! Fill them in on the details only you two know!

These are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate your love story into your wedding details…

1.His Version vs. Her Version

Some of us remember that it happened. Some of us remember the weather, the outfit, the facial expressions, and the surrounding circumstances that made it happen. Adding an additional insert to your table setting or even in place of a ceremony program, having both his and her written versions of how you met is such an entertaining way to engage your guests!

2. Between Us

Think of little quirks you share as a couple, or something you both have an affinity for. Perhaps instead of table numbers, use places you’ve traveled together! Do you both love a particular cocktail? Why not serve that at your reception?

3. Did you know?

Another fun touch is printing random facts about the two of you on the dinner napkins! The more ways you can enable your guests to get to know you, the more intimate and special your wedding day becomes!

4. Ask The Audience

Your guests are a wealth of experience and knowledge! Why not ask for their best marriage advice? Next to the guestbook, provide an advice-book!

5. Tell Your Story

“My final and favorite detail? A Love Story video. Similar to an engagement photoshoot session with a photographer, a love story video with a cinematographer not only records the love between you and your future spouse, but gives life to the story. It’s a form of documenting your story in a way that only the two of you could describe. Playing it during the cocktail hour, the rehearsal dinner, or even sharing it on your wedding website allows your guests to learn your story in a more intimate way!”

Getting to know my bride is of utmost importance to me. The only way to make your wedding day truly unique is by infusing it with detailed elements that make you, you. In order to bring your wedding to life, my mission is to completely understand and build upon your own love story.



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