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February 13, 2018

Are You Ready For a Full Service Wedding Planner?

I don’t see a client’s wedding as one among many. To me, each wedding is a brand new production. In a bride’s life, her wedding is a day unlike any other. In my life? Each wedding is a production unlike any other.

If you read my previous post The Why Behind The Brand, I shared that being a full service wedding planner means being a full-hearted servant. I am here to serve the bride and groom in producing the wedding of their dreams. Your wedding is my sole focus.

No two weddings are the same. It’s impossible to approach wedding planning with a “one-size-fits-all” rubric. I start with what the bride tells me, with what YOU tell me. Each bride has a vision no other woman has. Capturing your vision, building upon it, and giving life to it is what I’m here to do! Precisely because no two weddings are the same is why I approach wedding planning a little differently than the rest.

So many wedding planners try to tailor their brides’ wedding to their list of vendors. To me, that’s entirely backwards! While I have a list of vendors whom I love and trust, I start out with the bride’s vision. I tailor the vendors to compliment my bride’s vision. I only move forward with vendors who truly reflect the heart of my bride’s wedding.

How do you know you’re ready for a full-service wedding planner? Well, you know the saying, “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone?” A wedding planner’s position is a bit like that. You don’t fully realize what you need until you have it! A wedding day is the culmination of and testimony to a wedding planner’s work. Ultimately, when I walk into the room the day of the wedding, I want to provide the bride, the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids, with a sense of calm. My end goal throughout the planning process is that sigh of relief for my client. If after the day you get engaged you find Pinterest suddenly becoming more overwhelming than fun; your friends’ advice, while appreciated, becomes a bit distracting; you find you don’t have the time to meet with ten florists and really just want to meet the one who’s right for you — that’s when you know you need a full service wedding planner. While I’m happy to browse through Pinterest with you for quick inspiration, I’m here to keep you on track toward YOUR vision, not what everyone else is doing. I’m here to be your friend who’s advice is a little more detached from personal preference and objective! I’m here to bring that sigh of relief on your wedding day.

With Detailed Touch Events, my promise is to be there for you through every step of the way. I’m here to provide the guidance that aligns with your vision for a wedding unlike any other.

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