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February 13, 2018

How A Wedding Planner Should Be

I heard a quote once, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself…Unless you have me, then you know I’ll do it.” That’s my personality through and through. To me, this is who a wedding planner is, the person who caters to every job as if it were their own.

It wasn’t until my own wedding when I realized the true value a wedding planner brings to a bride. I interviewed three different planners. When I interviewed a high school friend, I immediately knew she had to be my wedding planner — I immediately knew she was “the one”. I instantly related to her. I trusted her. While the other planners were pitching their fabulous ideas, something just wasn’t inviting to me. I even interviewed a planner who’s experience and vision brought him the title of “celebrity planner.” But still, no matter how great a vision may be, to me, it’s empty if there isn’t a connection, a mutual understanding. My wedding planner knew exactly where I was coming from.

My husband and I are complete opposites. For instance, when we met, I was all dolled up in a cocktail dress, he was in gym clothes. Does that paint a picture for you at all? When our common friend introduced the two of us, he gave me a side hug and didn’t even make eye-contact. I’m a believer of a firm handshake and direct eye-contact. I wasn’t having it! While I admit I was being a little sassy that evening, a girl has her standards! He went on to ask for my number, and eventually he got the memo that a girl needs a few days warning to go on a date, last minute day of suggestions won’t do. We finally went on our first date, and within the first ten minutes, we both realized we had found something special.

I think what brings my husband and I together is our desire to take care of each other and to ensure whomever we’re with feels taken care of, pampered, and even spoiled. That’s just something I can’t NOT do! I like to notice the smallest things a person needs and fulfill it! I’m driven by determining how I can make a person feel better or add value to their life!

We infused our wedding with this commonality. We wanted our guests to have a good time. We wanted them to feel pampered and special, truly catered to. From their personalized acrylic stir sticks, to the meal of their choice, we wanted them to feel as if we were celebrating them! They were the ones who were a part of our love story. They’re the ones who brought us to where we were that day. We were there because of them, and we wanted them to feel that appreciation, to be lavished on with the most minute detail!

My wedding planner understood where I was coming from. She understood that I was a bride who was throwing a wedding for an entire crowd, not just the bride and groom. She understood that while I had an entire vision for the look of my wedding, I also had an even greater vision for the guest experience, down to the smallest detail. My wedding planner and I established a ground of trust. Because of that friendship, she took on that vision as if it were her own.

That’s what I do for my clients. I realize this day is all about your vision and in order for me to succeed, I need to establish that friendship and trust. How do I do that? By listening to YOU! I make it my mission to put myself in your Louboutin’s, to relate to you entirely. My wedding wasn’t just any ordinary wedding. It was a grand celebration. If you’re anything like me, yours will be too. I will do everything possible to make sure this is the most spectacular celebration of your life!

My wonderful wedding planner, Alicia from Details Details and I on my wedding day!

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