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You’re fired.

These are words no person ever wants to hear. And when those are spoken to you by your father? The worst! Three years ago, this was me. I was entirely shocked when my dad walked into my office and told me I was fired from our family business. Today? Those two words were the best thing to ever happen to me.

Let me back up a little bit for you. Ever since I was young, fashion was always important to me.  Looking appropriate and polished every day was essential! I understood that how you present yourself to the world is a direct indication of the standards you hold! I saw fashion as a means to that end. From a young age, I knew I wanted to go to fashion college. I didn’t even take the SATs. I jumped right into the fashion world, right into what I wanted to do forever! Or so I thought…

In college, I found myself running the fashion shows. From start to finish, I fell in love with the logistics of planning. While there is so much fun creativity that goes into fashion display and marketing, choreographing an entire fashion production made me come alive! You know that person with the headset wearing all black, directing the models on stage right while simultaneously queuing the lights from stage left? That was me.

I went on to produce a graduation fashion show at The Hard Rock Hotel. After that, it was official. There was nothing like the endless energy I experienced from planning an event. Throughout my entire college experience, I would plan friends’ baby showers, bridal showers and birthday celebrations. For me, that energy comes alive whenever I am in control. Making sure everyone is taken care of, making sure every thing is taken care of. Whatever I can do to make others feel truly cared for while they’re completely enjoying the experience — THAT’S what I’m here to do.

After graduating from college seven years ago, I moved from San Diego back to Bakersfield, my hometown. I fell in love, got engaged, and planned my own wedding. This brings us back to three years ago, when my father, whose words mean so much to me, told me I was fired! But my father, wise man that he is, always has his reasons. He told me I was too talented to be sitting at that desk. “You were planning your five-year old Chucky Cheese birthday party!” he told me. In high school, he saw me on every prom and formal planning committee there was. He saw me come alive when I was in the midst of planning my own wedding. “She doesn’t worry about the flower, she worries about the petal,” was a line from his wedding speech to me. It’s funny how we so often need someone else to tell us what’s right in front of us!

It wasn’t long after that exchange when I tried planning for corporate events. During this time, my best friend asked me to plan her wedding…in six days. Challenge accepted! After a year of focusing on corporate, I got pregnant with my sweet baby girl. When it was time to go back full-time, I found I truly needed more purpose. I wasn’t fulfilled and I was exhausted. As a new-momma, I was doing more of what I loved at home: taking care of the ones I loved. While planning my best friend’s wedding, I experienced that same energy I had seven years ago. I was taking care of the bride. What most people saw as an impossible feat to pull off in six-days, I saw as an opportunity to thrive! I loved guiding the bride through the whole process, being there for one of the most important days of her life. It was life-giving! That was where I needed to be.

With Detailed Touch Events, my passion is to provide brides with not only a beautiful wedding, but to ensure that each step of the way she feels truly cared for. To me, being a full-service wedding planner means being a full-hearted servant. I am here to serve the bride and groom in producing the wedding of their dreams.

I am so grateful to my father for telling me words I never want to hear again. But since then, I’m happy to say I’ve only ever heard, “You’re hired.”




Thank you Pops for all your wise words and guidance!

Mariel Hannah Photography (top) & John & Joseph Photography (bottom)


  1. What a beautiful journey! Looking forward to working with you 🙂

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